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Nature monument Stara straža

About the site

Spomenik prirode Stara straža

CATEGORY OF PROTECTION: geological nature monument
POSITION: Municipality of Knin – about four kilometres northwest of the town of Knin (road Knin–Gračac); 200 m from the turnoff road for Stara straža
PERMITTED ACTIVITIES: hiking, photographing and educational geological programmes

This site is protected in 1961. It covers the surface of 1,17 ha.

This is a profile about 30 m long and 5 m high in which layers of rock of Jurassic and Cretaceous age are well developed and pronounced. The rock is made up of alternating layers of limestone and dolomite rock, with zones of grey, thin, marly limestone and hornstone. Thin wrinkles stand out in the layers. Corals of the genus Cladocoropsis are easily visible in the marly layers. This locality is important due to the characteristic paleontological, mineral, petrographic and sediment profiles. The layers are very fragile and therefore no works, in particular digging and rock extraction, are permitted in the vicinity of this site.